Wednesday, May 13, 2009


This afternoon (Wednesday) a VERY large group of people (probably 50+) made it back up to Mibu with Yoonare's body after what is usually a two day hike up from the coastal town of Saidor. With all that help, they were able to do the whole thing in about 24 hours. It was such an encouragement to see just how many people had gone down to help carry the body up like that. All that help was very encouraging for Keteng and the kids. It must have made that long haul back up the mountain so much easier for them.
They'll plan on burying the body tomorrow sometime after everyone has had a chance to see her and mourn for her.
In this whole thing the Mibu people have really seen Jesus' body, made up of his believers, in action. There was so much happening on so many fronts. Keteng was being graciously helped out in town by our supply buyer. He even, with the help of another friend of ours in town, fashioned up a coffin to transport the body in. The coffins in town are prohibitively expensive and so this really helped lessen the burden on Keteng. A friend of Keteng's was willing to lower the price of transportation on his speed boat to Saidor and then nearly the whole of his circle of friends here in Mibu went down to help him. Some other fellow brothers-in-Christ, from distant places, whom Keteng has befriended in the past, even managed to get some notes of condolence and encouragement through us to Keteng. There were so many other little details, but in the end, it left Keteng feeling encouraged about everything and giving honor to God throughout the whole thing. Just seeing how all these believers worked together to help him in his time of need has really blown him away.
Keteng's testimony through all this has been wonderful. His trust and faith in God's purposes has really shone throughout. We would appreciate your continued prayers for him as he and his family begin their journey without their beloved wife and mother.

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