Saturday, June 28, 2008

New NTM helicopter in action

Or nearly, that is.
Thought we'd share that the new NTM helicopter (a long ranger, instead of the former jet ranger) is almost ready to go here! It's been purchased and retrofitted to suit our needs as a mission. Ray, the pilot, will be having his official test flights of the thing this coming week. Since, for his testing, they're looking for places that need sling loading, and since we need sling loading to bring our stuff into Mibu, it's been decided that Ray will be flying the new heli into Mibu this coming Thursday to bring our stuff up from the coastal town of Saidor. We'll still be going into Mibu with SIL on Tuesday as planned, but the shuttling of our cargo will be delayed till Thursday so the new NTM heli can be used.
We're excited to have our helicopter back! And a bigger one than the former at that! That means more payload and hopefully reduced expenses over the long run.

Friday, June 27, 2008

Finished translation check

Sorry, the post that you got yesterday was supposed to have gone out a couple days ago, but for some reason didn't make the distribution list. I think I got that kink ironed out now :) Who said that technology is actually saving us time anyway?
So the REAL yesterday, we were all very happy to finish the translation check of the gospel portions. WHEW! The check seemed to go quite well, though I've not seen the official report on it yet! We were able to determine that most of the major themes and points were understood well. However a check is never without it's frustrations either. There are just somethings that I'm so sure are understandable. By the time the text gets to this final check, it's really been through the wringer a few times and there's just not much that should be left. So it's surprising when a bigger piece of information just doesn't seem to be tied in quite right with the rest of the text. We had a few of those. So as always, there will be some final checking and minor (hopefully) revisions to do when we get back to Mibu. Once done, these portions will be considered done and ready to be recognized as yet another portion of God's word in the Mibu language!
One thing I like about these checks is that I learn so much that will help me with my translation efforts later. The check is done only by someone who's had a lot of experience in translation and who can quite readily spot areas of strength and also of weakness in a new translator's work. So along with making sure that the translation is solid, they're also giving me guidance for the future!

Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Translation check

Yesterday was the first day of the translation check. Things are going well and we're looking forward to cranking through another full day today! Thought you might like to see some pictures. We usually do our checks in the tribe, but we're 'borrowing' a translation consultant due to personnel shortage. He's had to fly over from the states and is only here for a month. He isn't here long enough to deal with all the logistics of getting out to each tribe that needs his help. So we're out here where he's at to do this particular check.
By the way, who was that that said they wanted to see a picture of my mug? Hope this has you content for a while :)
Oh yes, if there is anyone who is interested in seeing more photos you can check out the new photo blog that we started at We won't be sending these photos out over email. They're not so much ministry related as they are just family, friends and fun. We should be posting new photos fairly regularly. None of that confusing sign up stuff with this one! Just go to the website to check them out.

Sunday, June 22, 2008

Upcoming translation check

We finished up our break in Madang and have since flown up to Goroka where we anxiously await our translation check. It is scheduled for the 24th through the 26th. Two guys from Mibu, Posilongge and Kitanoo, have arrived here in Goroka as well and are enjoying their first experience of the town of Goroka.
We'll be checking portions of the gospels of Matthew, Luke and John that I recently completed. They'll be checked to make sure that both the content is true to the original and that the translation is easily comprehended by the listeners. In this check those listeners are Posilongge and Kitanoo. They'll listen to a portion of the text being read. Then they'll tell us what they just heard. After that, questions about the text will be asked that will help further reveal how certain aspects are being understood. The hope is that any unclear portions will be brought to light and then fixed and that everything is understood correctly, and not communicating something different from the original.
If you could keep us in your prayers during this time, that would be great. Translation checks, while great in what they accomplish, are quite draining by the end of each day. Pray that we'd remain strong in our dependance and love for Jesus, to the extent that we would maintain a consistent drive to keep his word to us true. We don't want to rush through things just to get it done, but want to carefully consider and question all the necessary areas of our translation to make it the best translation possible for the Mibu people!
Thanks for your prayers!
Geoff and Shannon Husa

Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Thanks for those who have taken the time to sign up to receive our updates via our new blog! It's been a learning experience to say the least! You know, we moved into the bush some 4+ years ago feeling fairly competent regarding internet. Admittedly now, I find myself extremely lacking about these things and I'm just hoping I've set things up in a way that makes it easy for as many as possible to make the transition and to keep receiving news about the ministry that they care about.
We decided that this was the time to make this transition because we're out on break now and have access (at least intermittently) to the internet and the time to get it set up and work out the kinks.
So, while you're all probably excited to hear more news of the ministry and/or family the intention of this post is merely to test the waters and make sure things are working good before we go back into the bush and no longer have the ability to straighten things out. If any of you feel the itch to reply and write something, would you please do so? This would help us determine whether there are a few settings that still need tweaking. And please, if you are unable to reply to this particular email, could you send us a personal email letting us know that is the case. That would be such a help!
Here's another picture of Skyler and her curls too!
Thanks again!

Saturday, June 14, 2008


First one didn't work


Now I'm trying this to see how it works using google groups for the email list. Another picture.


Just gotta test to see how this works out! Attaching a photo of Skyler too.