Saturday, April 28, 2012

Today marks the beginning of a one hundred day long effort we're calling "100x20".

God has been doing great and exciting things for his kingdom among the Mibu people in Papua New Guinea! From the birth of a new church, to the extension of that church into other areas, and also their ongoing maturity as they grow in their understanding of the authority of God's word in their lives and their identity as God's people... through it all, God has been working powerfully in the Mibu people's lives!

Over the years and through a great deal of generosity many folks have found great encouragement and excitement as they've backed this work financially. Truly, without those gifts we wouldn't have made it this far! And yet, there's still a great deal of work to be done in Mibu. Bible translation, training and discipleship, and lesson development and teaching all have a ways to go before the church in Mibu is at a point where our presence is no longer needed. As for us, it's a huge blessing to wait and see how God works through people to provide for our needs each and every month. That's where you come in. Currently we're about $2000 per month short of what is recommended for most effective ministry in a location such as Mibu. 100x20 is a way of getting the word out so that we can see this need met as we continue to serve the church in Mibu. If we can find one hundred new people to commit to $20 a month this need can be met.

If you've not yet taken the opportunity to be a part of Mibu Ministry through your financial help then maybe now would be a good time to hop on board and put some of your financial resources to work for the Mibu Ministry. Would you prayerfully consider a commitment to help with $20 or more each month? Or if you're currently giving, would you please keep us and the 100x20 effort in your prayers over the next one hundred days?

Here are the different ways you can give:

Automatic Monthly Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT): Go to to find out about the benefit and ease of setting up a monthly automatic electronic funds transfer.

Give Online: You can give online using a credit card or debit card. Go to and search for "Husa" in the "Give to a missionary" section toward the top. (Because credit cards and debit cards are processed the same way, transaction fees are the same for both. There is no fee for using EFT.)

Give By Phone: To give by phone with a credit or debit card, please call 866-547-2460. Credit card and debit card transaction fees apply.

Give By Check: To mail your gift, send it to:

New Tribes Mission
1000 East First Street
Sanford, Florida 32771-1487

Please make your check or money order payable to New Tribes Mission and include a note designating the ministry or project you would like your gift to support.

Over the next one hundred days (ending July 27, one week after we're scheduled to return to Mibu) we will provide periodic updates about the progress of the 100x20 project. If you're not already, be sure to sign up for our regular email updates about the exciting things God is doing in Mibu. Just go to


Saturday, April 21, 2012

Ethan Wade Husa

Ethan Wade Husa was born this morning (April 20) via c-section this morning at 8:43! He's a very healthy little baby boy at 8lbs 1.3oz and 21 inches!

Celebrate with us this new little life with which we're entrusted!

Friday, April 20, 2012

Mibu Ministry now on Facebook

Mibu Ministry just got its own facebook page! This will allow us to keep you posted on some of the more day-to-day things we experience as God works to both grow and mature the church in Mibu. Go to to check it out. Be sure to 'Like' Mibu Ministry so you can follow what's going on!

Just FYI: We're still planning on maintaining our current system of posting articles to the blog and distributing via email as well.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Update on CTTS

We just got a report that the six men from Mibu are doing great in Inapang for the Citizen Teachers Training Seminar. To put this whole thing into perspective, the Mibu guys had to travel two days by foot, one day by boat, and then catch the Papua New Guinea equivalent of a taxi, called a PMV, out to the New Tribes Mission headquarters. For all that, they had to scrounge up a great deal of money. I don't know for sure, but I think the church in Mibu helped with some of those finances. From the NTM headquarters, they took another PMV for several hours where they hopped into large dugout motor canoes which they've never ridden in before - see picture - for an all day ride up river. Most of the people that the Mibu guys are seeing right now are strangers. The Mibus have travelled a very long way and are in a totally different setting than what they're used to. The weather is hot. The food is different. The culture and language is different (other than a shared trade language). Yet the report that I'm getting is that they seem right at home with their host family in Inapang. They don't seem uncomfortable at all. If I know these six men like I think I do, I imagine that they're really super excited to be in this situation. Why? Because they know that the people they're with right now are, like them, redeemed people, bought by the same blood and adopted as part of God's family. Jesus' work on the cross is at the center of all this. Their confidence and their hope is made the same because of him. Their affinity for other believers, even those they've never met, is strong. It's a pleasure to be together with others who are in a relationship with God! That's what makes the Mibus look past the discomfort and long difficult travel. That's what makes them just enjoy meeting and spending time with other believers. We are really looking forward to seeing how these relationships play out in the long run as God's kingdom advances in PNG!

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Prayer for CTTS

Just yesterday, what is being called the Citizen Teacher Training Seminar (CTTS) began in Inapang. A number of believers and missionaries from the churches being planted in the Madang region came together for a time of fellowship, learning and being encouraged together in God's word. Six men from Mibu have been able to make it out to this training seminar. They've been looking forward to it for some time.

This is a great opportunity for these young churches to meet and to be encouraged by what God is doing among other groups in the Madang region of Papua New Guinea. Please be in prayer over these next few days as they continue to meet. We're hoping that the encouragement and training they receive at this seminar will further strengthen and encourage these men from Mibu as they serve the church in Mibu. Their connection with other PNG citizens who love God and desire to grow in their relationship to him ought to prove invaluable.

A tremendous amount of logistics all had to happen in order for the Mibu guys (and all the others) to make it out to this conference. We're so thankful to have heard that all six of the men from Mibu were able to make it. Specifically, you can pray for Sesi, Keteng, Make, Posilongge, Banaro, and Jeri. These gentlemen make up a cross section of the different locales of the church in Mibu.