Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Prayer for CTTS

Just yesterday, what is being called the Citizen Teacher Training Seminar (CTTS) began in Inapang. A number of believers and missionaries from the churches being planted in the Madang region came together for a time of fellowship, learning and being encouraged together in God's word. Six men from Mibu have been able to make it out to this training seminar. They've been looking forward to it for some time.

This is a great opportunity for these young churches to meet and to be encouraged by what God is doing among other groups in the Madang region of Papua New Guinea. Please be in prayer over these next few days as they continue to meet. We're hoping that the encouragement and training they receive at this seminar will further strengthen and encourage these men from Mibu as they serve the church in Mibu. Their connection with other PNG citizens who love God and desire to grow in their relationship to him ought to prove invaluable.

A tremendous amount of logistics all had to happen in order for the Mibu guys (and all the others) to make it out to this conference. We're so thankful to have heard that all six of the men from Mibu were able to make it. Specifically, you can pray for Sesi, Keteng, Make, Posilongge, Banaro, and Jeri. These gentlemen make up a cross section of the different locales of the church in Mibu.

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