Tuesday, October 22, 2013

A Fire and a Spark

Last Friday, Jems and his family finished eating and went to their garden like any other day. Only this time, when they returned all three of their houses in their little hamlet had been reduced to ash. Nothing was left except a few metallic remnants of what used to be useful tools. Even their cooking pot was molten. Clothes, money, hundreds of kilos of dried coffee they had planned to sell... everything except what they took to their garden was destroyed.

What would your expectations be in this situation? Jems' family's expectations were blown out of the water as the community around them, many of them believers, rallied together that very day and were able to put together some of the bare essentials for survival; blankets, clothes, dishes, pots, etc. and present it to them to help them get started out again.

Jems and his family are wildcards. Nobody has been really sure where they're at spiritually. It is guessed that, nice as they are, that they are not believers. But Jems, reduced to tears over the help that the community gave them, was heard saying that before God came to Mibu, this kind of gracious help would not have happened like this. God's grace, shown through his people here has brought honor to his name in Jems' eyes. Perhaps this could be the spark that flames up genuine seeking, and we know that God is faithful to show himself to those who seek him!

Monday, October 21, 2013

Evangelism in Mibu - Please Pray

In Saturday's team meeting the big topic of discussion was the start of a 4-5 month stretch of teaching which aims to make the message of the gospel clear to those here in Mibu who either haven't heard or haven't yet put their trust in Christ. There are a wide range of folks who we anticipate will come; some who have heard but have rejected in the past and who have actually participated in persecuting the church, then those who previously just kept their distance, and then even those who believe but just love any chance to hear about God. Along with the community wide evangelism lessons, which are scheduled for the weekday mornings every other week, there will also be lessons geared more for the youth after school. If you remember there are many children sent here to go to school. They're living here away from their families, and most have never really heard clearly the message of God's grace.

The lessons are scheduled to start TODAY! So please be in prayer for the teachers and the hearers. There are two teachers, Weng and Nooka, who are heading up the lessons. They will be working with a small group of teachers-in-training who will be teaching most of the lessons under their guidance and supervision. This is an intense time of teaching. It is hard, after not too long, to feel the pressure of the busy-ness of it all. It's easy for the teachers to feel burnt out. Would you keep them in your prayers please? Pray for a pure motivation for what they do to drive them forward so that they find joy in their service and not a burden. Also pray for those attending the lessons that they might hear God's message to them for the first time, and for those who believe already to be strengthened and encouraged as they hear the basics of the gospel laid out for them once again.

Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Something Good in Store

There is an effort here, failed in the past, which we're currently trying to resurrect. Along with their literacy skills, the Mibu people need a regular venue through which they can be supplied in all things reading and writing. There also needs to be a way to generate enough funds to help subsidize costs of printed literacy materials in the future. A simple store seems to be the best solution. It's something we've tried in the past, but it flopped and has lain there dead for several years now.

Keteng is being trained in bookkeeping and will be given charge of running this small literacy supply store. He struggles with certain of the concepts related to keeping track of stock and of finances, so it will take some time and personal investment to get things running smoothly with minimal mistakes. We just purchased a small supply of the needed materials and are looking forward to getting this going again. Someday here Keteng's efforts should be able to significantly reduce or even completely cover the costs of a long term literacy program that carries on from generation to generation.

Please pray for faithfulness borne out of an eagerness to see more people literate so they can better learn about God.

Saturday, October 12, 2013

Mibu Ministry Garage Sale

It's that time of year again. There is a fund raising garage sale planned for Saturday, November 8th and 9th. Garage sales of the past have been a huge success, having raised significant finances to help us, the Husa family, as we continue to serve the young church in Mibu, Papua New Guinea.

Do you have things you've been looking to sell or get rid of? Or maybe you're feeling bogged down by the 'too much stuff' syndrome many of us constantly find ourselves in. This is a great chance to go through and make that stuff matter. You can donate it to the fundraising garage sale to benefit the Mibu Ministry. We live in a remote tribal location in a 3rd world country where there are many costs associated with living and doing Bible translation and training leaders. Your stuff can help! Please, no clothes though.

If you'd like to help, you can contact Gary Husa at (480)980-3854 to arrange a drop off at their address in Tempe. The garage sale will be held at 245 W. LaVieve Ln., Tempe, AZ 85284.