Monday, October 21, 2013

Evangelism in Mibu - Please Pray

In Saturday's team meeting the big topic of discussion was the start of a 4-5 month stretch of teaching which aims to make the message of the gospel clear to those here in Mibu who either haven't heard or haven't yet put their trust in Christ. There are a wide range of folks who we anticipate will come; some who have heard but have rejected in the past and who have actually participated in persecuting the church, then those who previously just kept their distance, and then even those who believe but just love any chance to hear about God. Along with the community wide evangelism lessons, which are scheduled for the weekday mornings every other week, there will also be lessons geared more for the youth after school. If you remember there are many children sent here to go to school. They're living here away from their families, and most have never really heard clearly the message of God's grace.

The lessons are scheduled to start TODAY! So please be in prayer for the teachers and the hearers. There are two teachers, Weng and Nooka, who are heading up the lessons. They will be working with a small group of teachers-in-training who will be teaching most of the lessons under their guidance and supervision. This is an intense time of teaching. It is hard, after not too long, to feel the pressure of the busy-ness of it all. It's easy for the teachers to feel burnt out. Would you keep them in your prayers please? Pray for a pure motivation for what they do to drive them forward so that they find joy in their service and not a burden. Also pray for those attending the lessons that they might hear God's message to them for the first time, and for those who believe already to be strengthened and encouraged as they hear the basics of the gospel laid out for them once again.

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