Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Something Good in Store

There is an effort here, failed in the past, which we're currently trying to resurrect. Along with their literacy skills, the Mibu people need a regular venue through which they can be supplied in all things reading and writing. There also needs to be a way to generate enough funds to help subsidize costs of printed literacy materials in the future. A simple store seems to be the best solution. It's something we've tried in the past, but it flopped and has lain there dead for several years now.

Keteng is being trained in bookkeeping and will be given charge of running this small literacy supply store. He struggles with certain of the concepts related to keeping track of stock and of finances, so it will take some time and personal investment to get things running smoothly with minimal mistakes. We just purchased a small supply of the needed materials and are looking forward to getting this going again. Someday here Keteng's efforts should be able to significantly reduce or even completely cover the costs of a long term literacy program that carries on from generation to generation.

Please pray for faithfulness borne out of an eagerness to see more people literate so they can better learn about God.

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