Tuesday, September 25, 2012

SVCC team update

Just a quick update here. Purely informational. Sorry no details, but it's been very hard to find time. No pictures either. Again, just haven't had time to do anything with them from my (or anyone else's camera). We DO indeed have pictures. Just need time to sift through and process them.

The team had an awesome time in Mibu! It was a great chance to get to see the Mibu church and the people's culture and places and most importantly their love for God. Our perception of their visit was that they were wowed by what God is doing there! More details will have to follow later... it's almost 11 at night and we're exhausted.

The whole team flew out from Mibu to Madang on Monday without any hiccups. Since then everyone has been trying to get ready for the conference, track down the two bags that never made it with the team, and get to know the NTM folks that are out for conference.

Just got back from a much needed, relaxing dinner with the team out in town, during which we had wonderful conversation and some good laughs!

Again, more details to follow. Just a quickie for the sake of letting everyone know the team is doing well, is safe, and is gearing up for conference.

Saturday, September 22, 2012

SVCC Team Arrives in Mibu!

Yesterday (friday) was a very exciting day for us. A team from Sun Valley was able to make it into Mibu after their long travels from the US. But their arrival didn't come without the unexpected. They were, after all, traveling to Papua New Guinea where anything can happen... and often does!

Actually as it turns out, one of the team, Dennis McMains got stuck in the capital city, Port Moresby, due to overbooking on Air Niugini. It was looking like Dennis wasn't going to be able to make it into Mibu, about which we were all soooo disappointed. However, after arriving the next day in Goroka, our helicopter pilot, Ray, very graciously offered to fly him in this morning (Saturday)! We await his arrival as I write this!

Meanwhile, yesterday the team hit the ground running in Mibu. Kevin, Joey and Geoff hiked down to Mibu to shoot a pig and bring back the meat, which was quickly converted to 'pork' burgers and then to life sustaining energy for the team. The ladies had a great afternoon of 'girl' time up at our house, catching up with Shannon, asking questions, praising God as they received news of Dennis' safe arrival and the plans to bring him into Mibu.

We're super joyful that the team is here and that the team is soon to be complete! We're so thankful that with the slight mess with the airlines in Port Moresby that God has seen fit to work out a way for the whole team to be in Mibu with us. And we're looking forward to sharing the vision of Mibu Ministry, fellowshipping together, and giving the team a chance to fellowship with the church here in Mibu!

Thank you for your continued prayers!

(In the pictures... Kevin Kramar going for the kill. And the team greeting Mibu people upon arrival.