Wednesday, March 28, 2012

A closed door and a new beginning

Do you remember when we updated you about the possibility of the teaching of God's word returning to the village where the first outreach happened? There are a fair number of believers there (about 70 based on what we can tell). Yet a number of years ago one person in particular ended up leveraging his influence to put a stop to any further teaching. Recently some concerned folks from Mibu went there to scope things out and see if there was any possibility of bringing God's word back to this village. It turns out that many folks, including that influential individual all wanted God's word to come back.

However, just weeks after we updated you on that development, and as things were gearing up for the teachers to go and begin their sacrificial work there, that most influential fella there who had put a stop to the teaching began insisting that he do the teaching. Because of how he was seen to mis-handle God's word in the past the church in Mibu wasn't comfortable putting him in that role of responsibility... not till we could see a more sustained willingness to submit to God's word in his life. We told him to hold on, that maybe we could talk about it again in a year or so. This gentleman's heart began to show through right there when he began insisting that this teaching wouldn't be successful unless he was the one doing it. He has declared that the teaching won't happen unless he is the one doing it. Even more so now, the Mibu church sees the need for this gentleman to sit under the teaching for a while, see his own self-worth crucified, and out of that begin showing himself faithful with the things God is revealing to him through his word. This would need to happen before any consideration is made which would allow him to take up a teaching role again. At this time, he remains stubborn. And as such, he again is effectively closing the door on any teaching that may happen there.

Lord willing, when we return to Mibu in July, we'll be discussing different possible strategies that would allow those in Tariknan who wish to continue being fed by God's word to do so. Accompanying those strategic discussions may need to be some preparation for the possibility of dealing with persecution by those opposing God's great message. Please be in prayer for the believers in that village who are being kept from being fed by God's word. Also pray for the church in Mibu that they'd have the wisdom and discernment to be able to effectively shine God's light over there through teaching of his word and living lives that shine God's mercy and grace.

Now, if you've been looking at the attached diagram, you may be seeing something you're not familiar with yet. That's right... a FOURTH outreach. This recent outreach effort has just recently begun in a nearby village. The little bit of information I have so far says that there are about 50 people attending the initial evangelism lessons right now. The people there have been waiting for the gospel message to come their way for some time now. The church in Mibu is pleased to be able to accommodate! Please keep the people of that village and the Mibu folks who are teaching there in your prayers!

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