Tuesday, June 17, 2008


Thanks for those who have taken the time to sign up to receive our updates via our new blog! It's been a learning experience to say the least! You know, we moved into the bush some 4+ years ago feeling fairly competent regarding internet. Admittedly now, I find myself extremely lacking about these things and I'm just hoping I've set things up in a way that makes it easy for as many as possible to make the transition and to keep receiving news about the ministry that they care about.
We decided that this was the time to make this transition because we're out on break now and have access (at least intermittently) to the internet and the time to get it set up and work out the kinks.
So, while you're all probably excited to hear more news of the ministry and/or family the intention of this post is merely to test the waters and make sure things are working good before we go back into the bush and no longer have the ability to straighten things out. If any of you feel the itch to reply and write something, would you please do so? This would help us determine whether there are a few settings that still need tweaking. And please, if you are unable to reply to this particular email, could you send us a personal email letting us know that is the case. That would be such a help!
Here's another picture of Skyler and her curls too!
Thanks again!


shannon said...

Skyler is turning into a beautiful young lady. I'm so glad you all have this blog going on now. It's wonderful! Miss you dearly. Grace be with you.

Tristan said...

We can't wait to keep up with you on your blog. Thanks for all you are doing to serve the Lord and for keeping us all up to date.

Pastor Phil said...

Figuring out how to comment was my first discovery. I knew there must be a way. This will be a great vehicle to keep up on your happenings and prayer needs. We think of you often and pray for your translation work, that it will parallel the truth as closely as possible. A picture of you would be a nice contrast.

Bethany International Outreach said...

you guys are four of my favorite bush people! We appreciate you so much.
Good work on the blog.