Friday, June 27, 2008

Finished translation check

Sorry, the post that you got yesterday was supposed to have gone out a couple days ago, but for some reason didn't make the distribution list. I think I got that kink ironed out now :) Who said that technology is actually saving us time anyway?
So the REAL yesterday, we were all very happy to finish the translation check of the gospel portions. WHEW! The check seemed to go quite well, though I've not seen the official report on it yet! We were able to determine that most of the major themes and points were understood well. However a check is never without it's frustrations either. There are just somethings that I'm so sure are understandable. By the time the text gets to this final check, it's really been through the wringer a few times and there's just not much that should be left. So it's surprising when a bigger piece of information just doesn't seem to be tied in quite right with the rest of the text. We had a few of those. So as always, there will be some final checking and minor (hopefully) revisions to do when we get back to Mibu. Once done, these portions will be considered done and ready to be recognized as yet another portion of God's word in the Mibu language!
One thing I like about these checks is that I learn so much that will help me with my translation efforts later. The check is done only by someone who's had a lot of experience in translation and who can quite readily spot areas of strength and also of weakness in a new translator's work. So along with making sure that the translation is solid, they're also giving me guidance for the future!

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Pastor Phil said...

Am I your only traveler thru time and internet space who follows your progress from the homeland? Congratulations are in order. The school system would like to make us believe that there is only one right answer. Truth is, there are situations where there are many right answers -- with one answer standing ahead of the rest as the best of the right answers. Perhaps, this characterizes your work in translation. Sharpening the sword creates clear/clean cuts wherein truth is better understood.

Now, we see in a glass (mirror) dimly, but then (in heaven) we'll see clearly. May your work be blessed by the Holy Spirit (your guide) as you create a tool for the people of PNG to know the love of God and the saving faith that is available to those who believe. Praying for you and the advance of His kingdom on Earth.