Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Translation check

Yesterday was the first day of the translation check. Things are going well and we're looking forward to cranking through another full day today! Thought you might like to see some pictures. We usually do our checks in the tribe, but we're 'borrowing' a translation consultant due to personnel shortage. He's had to fly over from the states and is only here for a month. He isn't here long enough to deal with all the logistics of getting out to each tribe that needs his help. So we're out here where he's at to do this particular check.
By the way, who was that that said they wanted to see a picture of my mug? Hope this has you content for a while :)
Oh yes, if there is anyone who is interested in seeing more photos you can check out the new photo blog that we started at We won't be sending these photos out over email. They're not so much ministry related as they are just family, friends and fun. We should be posting new photos fairly regularly. None of that confusing sign up stuff with this one! Just go to the website to check them out.

1 comment:

Pastor Phil said...

I am praying for your translation examination to go well and that you will soon be sent to the battlefront. And, it was me who wanted to see your 'mug'. It is good for us, the people on the beach, to see others in active ministry for our Great God and Savior Jesus Christ. I will continue to send you 'food' for your mind and soul. Blessings, Phil.