Thursday, June 25, 2009

Translation check

Sorry, this update is long overdue. I actually tried writing it immediately after our translation check (a few WEEKS ago!), but when I went to write, I just didn’t like what I was producing. Picky picky picky.


So we finished our translation check of the latter part of Acts and then Romans 1-5. The check went good overall and there were a few parts here and there I need to check out and maybe fix up a bit before I can say it’s all done for those sections. Overall I’m encouraged with how it went.


I always look forward to and enjoy the opportunity to get feedback and essentially have my training in translation furthered by one of our consultants. This time was no different and I only feel all the more equipped to continue on in the task.


One thing that you can be in prayer about over the next few months before we return home to Arizona for our furlough, is regarding the seeming constant interruptions that we’ve been experiencing here. Our computers have been a constant problem (we just recently had to make a decision to buy 2 new ones… ouch!). Even the new computers have been problematic for us. And my translation helper has had many legitimate things pulling him away for longer periods of time. The list just seems to keep stacking up and has gotten to the point at times where it just makes our desire to see this task continue seem so futile. That’s my struggle at the moment. However, we remain encouraged and our ultimate satisfaction and joy in pursuing this task is found only in knowing that God is not losing control of anything and in fact intends these things for a purpose. But if you could be in prayer for these next few months, knowing that things just aren’t going as planned (that is, not how WE planned) and that there are many other things that vie for our time, we would appreciate it.

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