Friday, May 8, 2009

Update on Yoonare

It is with mixed feelings that we send this e-mail.  We got word that this morning, Friday for us and Thursday for those of you in the States, that Yoonare passed away.  We rejoice that she is no longer suffering and that she knew Jesus Christ as her Lord and Savior and is in heaven right now basking in His Glory.  However, we are very saddened that we will no longer see our friend and that Keteng is now without his wife and their kids are without their mother. 
Here's a little bit that our co-workers wrote about Yoonare in their recent update...
"She and Keteng have been actively involved with the church planting ministry from day one of our arrival in Mibu.  Both of them were vital in helping our team learn the Mibu language, and helping to understand their culture.  They often went out of their way to help with various projects, and were very patient and gracious with us in our learning progress.  When it came time to present the gospel, they both paid attention with rapt interest.  They both fell in love with God, and later, His Son, Jesus Christ.  They were among the first to make professions of faith, and actively retaught the lessons they had learned in their home to their children.  They were both quick to internalize the gospel, and let it change the way they saw the world around them.  They were a great team together in a culture where affection and true camaraderie with your spouse is not always present."
We would also add that she had an outstanding sensitivity to God's Spirit in her life. She was always helping people and her community and seemed to do so out of her joy for what Jesus did for her. She had a quiet and gentle demeanor about her and we're going to miss that so much. (She's the one holding the baby in the picture, by the way)
Thanks to those of you who have been praying for this family.  Would you please continue to pray that the community here would be able to come up with the funds and means to transport her body back into Mibu to be buried as soon as possible and pray for the adjustment this is going to be for Keteng and the rest of their family.  They have 9 children, 3 who are married, 1 who is away at school and 5 more at home.  They also have 2 grandchildren.
Keteng and the two kids that traveled to town with him are being well taken care of.  Our regional leader has been looking in on them regularly and bringing food and things for the kids to do.  They are arranging for them to stay with a family that they know in town until they are able to come back to Mibu.  We are hoping they can begin the journey back by Monday our time. 

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