Saturday, August 16, 2014

Connected in Mibu

We're super excited to have been able to get our VSAT system in to Mibu and installed and up and running now! This means that we should have a regular internet connection through which to keep our systems up to date, communicate more regularly and reliably, and the many other benefits that come with internet access!

It was quite a saga getting the thing in here! It had to be shipped from Australia by boat, flown in by helicopter on a rack specially made for the large dish, and installed with very few instructions available. Thankfully the crew at Speedcast were super helpful in getting us up and running.

We're thanking God for this tool which we hope will allow us to be more effective in our ministries!

Little piece of worthless trivia: What does VSAT stand for? It's an acronym for Very Small Aperture Terminal... What?! Where's the satellite in 'sat'?

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