Friday, August 15, 2014

Catching Up

Wow! Has it really been six weeks since our last update? One word describes how that makes me feel... 'slacker'. Though really, we've not been slacking, but have been busy busy busy!

I continue, and am now on the very tail end of what's proven to be the most difficult section of translation yet in my career as a translator, 1 Corinthians chapters 8-10. The pressure is high to get past this and keep things moving forward. I think we've got it now and only have about 15 verses left to fine tune with Sesi, my translation helper. We're hoping to get that done on Monday! After that, we can start checking it with people to be sure it's being understood right. Then only five more chapters to go to get this long difficult letter translated.

Meanwhile, ever changing logistics here, regarding flights and getting the things we need, has kept us on our toes. It seems we've written enough emails to fill a book, and we've sat at the radio for so much time trying to get those emails and their replies that if you put all that time together, it could have been a nice little vacation for us... though it wasn't!

We've also been working through some struggles the church leaders have been going through recently, where a good number of them seem discouraged or otherwise disinterested in serving. I've been meeting and talking with them some more about the importance and the preciousness of God's church and of the huge blessing and of our Lord giving us each gifts and roles that fit those gifts, roles that help the church grow and remain unified and adhered to the truth. It's a big deal to just throw that away as if it is of little value. We're seeing many encouraged again which we're thankful for. Once again, it highlights the huge need for ongoing discipleship here in Mibu. And again, we're reminded of just how impossible this task is, in our own strength. Many times people speak of us missionaries as though we've got all these issues figured out; master strategists of some sort, special people. But I'm going to let you in on a little secret. Every time these issues come up, it's hugely frightening for us because WE don't really have a solution! But we know God has us here, and we know that he takes pleasure in working through us to build his kingdom. Our utter inability serves to drive us to him in desperation, and that's where we actually see things progress despite our inability and/or ignorance. Praise God for his faithfulness to sustain and empower!

In my discussions with those who serve in the church here, we've been focusing on the importance of the work of the Holy Spirit in our lives. So often, the Holy Spirit just becomes this vague theological fact with no real relevance to us. Yet the Holy Spirit is seen as the key player in the working out of the life of the church. We need to remember, and have faith, that God's Spirit in us is not just a fact to know about, but is a huge, miraculous gift, enabling us to be, as Christ's Body, what he intends us to be! We hope to see increased sensitivity to the work of the Holy Spirit and a desire to be used by him each moment in our lives.

Being reminded again of the need for more help, we're super anxious to have our co-workers, the Walkers returning here at the end of August! We're praising God that they've seen their finances up to nearly where it needs to be for their home church to 'release' them to the field. Last report shows their finances are only about 5% away from where they need to be! Keep on praying for this need!

Many blessings from us in Mibu! We'll try to be more regular here in our ministry updates!

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