Monday, October 22, 2012

Update on check of Romans/1 Timothy

After three days filled with 9 and 10 hours of reading, talking about and verifying comprehension we're very happy to let you know that the final bits of Romans and all of 1 Timothy have survived their final sifting! Just a few little tweaks here and there and they'll be officially ready to print and get into the Mibu people's hands! We're all tired and our brains are fried. Whew!

Special thanks to Greg Melendes and JJ Rasmussen for giving the huge amount of time and expense to fly in from overseas and provide this check for us!

We've flown back to Madang this morning. I've been reunited with my family. Sesi, Lucas and Keteng are taking off tomorrow morning to head back to Mibu. And our family will be heading up to Goroka for about a week before heading back into Mibu ourselves on November 1.


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