Saturday, June 4, 2016

Husa Family Update

It's hard to believe that three whole months have come and gone since our return to the US. Our return was uneventful. The kids were great, and we've been going through all the adjustments that are normal for those returning from longer periods living overseas. We've been here in Arizona trying to get caught up with our family, friends and the church. Years of limited medical care has left us with quite a list of things we're trying to get taken care of when we can afford it. So we've been kind of busy with that. I (Geoff) have already gone under the knife in hopes of helping with my chronic ear infections. I've been recovering nicely from that surgery the last couple weeks. Shannon has been homeschooling the kids each day.

Thank you so much to all who are supporting us in this ministry through your prayers and finances! We're all in this together as we see God's kingdom take deeper root and even continue to spread out from Mibu!

I've been going through some of my photos of Mibu recently. I realize how much I miss our friends there. Shannon and the kids miss them as well. And they miss their home and life there. This photo in particular, I think needs to be printed and taped to my wall above my computer! It reminds me of  the church and our friends we've left behind for the year. It also reminds me to keep praying for the developing church in Mibu and the struggles they go through as they live out their lives of faith in Jesus.

Looking through these photos also reminds me that our time here in the US is limited and that we need to be purposeful in strengthening our friendships as well as making new ones. And we need to be active in seeking God's provision for this ministry, so that when we return to Mibu (planning on returning first week of March 2017) it is with a stout base of support where we can set about finishing the church planting and development ministry in Mibu.

With that in mind, if you're interested we'd love the opportunity to share about Mibu Ministry in your church community or small group. God is doing such great things in Mibu! While we're back in the US is a great opportunity hear first hand, and to be encouraged about how God's kingdom is reaching this remote little place and people on the other side of the world! Please be sure to get a hold of us and we'll get something scheduled!

We are looking forward to having the chance to spend time and strengthen relationships with all of you while we're home. Before we know it, the time will be gone and, Lord willing, we'll be on our way back to PNG. Hope we can catch up soon!


Geoff and Shannon Husa

Geoff's cell (480)584-7070
Shannon's cell (480)577-9827

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