Saturday, September 26, 2015

Outreach, and Important Dates

Excitement here in Mibu and over in the Mina language churches has been ramping up as logistics have gelled for a new outreach to the last remaining village in the Mina speaking area! Over the last year, the people in Birong have been asking for the gospel message to be brought to them. It's taken a while to get some things in order, such as the all the evangelism lessons printed in a new format, a new set of literacy materials printed, and the funds to pay for said printed materials. But now, with those details worked out the date is set for God's word to go to Birong for the first time! If you would, we'd appreciate your prayers, begining now for the team that is going to do the teaching, and also for God to prepare the hearts of those in Birong to be ready to hear and believe his message of redemption. The date is set for the teaching to start on November 30th.

While you're at it, please continue to pray for additional workers who can allocate to the neighboring Jerung language group (green on the attached diagram). Formerly opposed, even violently, to the gospel message, the last couple years have seen a complete turn around due to the testimony that the church in Mibu has been! Most of the villages are now asking for the gospel message to come to them! All that's missing is the needed skills and manpower to translate the bible into their language, develop a literacy program, and teach them the gospel.

The upcoming outreach to Birong is not the only date to mark on your calendars. You'll want to keep the following dates in mind as well.

October 15 - Many many hours of hard translation work is going to be put through the final check starting on this date. Our translation consultant, Jason Stuart, along with 4 Mibu people and myself will be checking through the books of Ephesians and 1 Corinthians. This is the final check before these epistles can be officially printed as scripture! Please pray for all the preparations leading up to the check, and for the check itself, as well as the final corrections and modifications needed as a result of the check.

October 24 - The bluegrass gospel band, Brush Arbor Revival is putting on a fundraiser concert on the evening of October 24! Please plan to come for an evening of fun and fellowship to help raise funds for ministry expenses as we serve here in Mibu! This year's funds will be going toward the replacement of equipment we use for ministry in Mibu. Kids are absolutely welcome! If you were able to make it to the last one, you know it's not something to be missed! If you can, make plans to come.
November 6-7 - There will be a Mibu Ministry fundraiser garage sale on the weekend of November 6. If you have functional, working stuff that you think could be sold at a garage sale and you want it to go to a good cause, please put it aside and plan to donate it to the sale. The hosts of the garage sale (Gary and Kris Husa) can start taking donated items 2 weeks prior to the sale. We'll send out a reminder with more details and contact information.

Thank you so much for all of you who support us in the Mibu Ministry through your prayers and finances each month! It's so wonderful to know we're all in this together!

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