Thursday, April 30, 2015

The Latest With Mibu Ministry

We wanted to start by saying a huge thanks to all of you who are a part of the Mibu Ministry through your time in prayer and your regular monthly finances. We're certainly not here in Mibu on our own, but as an extension of the Body of Christ. You're all a huge part of the awesome ministry that is happening in Mibu! Thank you! Here's a little news to keep you updated on the latest in Mibu.

I just wrapped up the last of my exegesis and initial draft of 1 Corinthians! Yay! At this point, I need to work with my translation helper to finish translating chapters 15 and 16. Once that's done we'll need to do more checks on the whole thing to see how well it's understood, make some more corrections, then translate it BACK to English, check again for accuracy, make more corrections, and then it will be ready to be checked by a consultant! Not long now! Beyond that, I'm hoping we can finish translating 1 Thessalonians before our scheduled home assignment about this time next year.

Recent Literacy Graduates
We're thrilled to see the literacy program back up and running, and with more gusto than ever! With the Walkers back, Chris has been able to invest a lot into the slowly dying literacy program to implement some much needed changes, especially to the 'post' literacy program. This takes people beyond having just graduated from a literacy class and continues to train for speed and accuracy of reading, as well as maintaining a conscious hold on what they are reading! The first round of graduates just emerged from this newly revised program and people are excited! Without strong readers, there can be no strong leaders! None that lead with any biblical conviction, at least.

Revising Strategies for Mina Outreach Area
It's been a real struggle to keep teaching materials and translation flowing into the Mina area churches since the Mibu church reached out to them with the gospel years ago. There are huge challenges as we not only do translation and lesson development here in Mibu, but also carry it forward across language boundaries into Mina. We met recently with some of the Mina area leadership to strategize about how to keep them fed and to keep accountability and communication levels where they need to be. It was a very positive time of meeting and talking together. We're so thrilled to be able to be a part of this here!

Ministry Opportunity in Jerung
As you may remember, the neighboring Jerung language has been asking the Mibu church to bring the gospel message to them too. We're still working on finding a team that can live and serve there in partnership with the Mibu church over there. Currently there are a couple families interested. Please be in prayer, that as they pursue this further God's leading would be clear to them. If you're interested in seeing it, here's a video taken with a gopro camera on the front of our helicopter as we fly through the Jerung language area and then on to where we live in the Mibu language.

Home Assignment on the Horizon
Can you believe it's already been 3 years since we were back in the U.S.? With our year-long Home Assignment coming up quick, next year, we're starting to think about the many needs, such as plane tickets, housing and vehicles while back in Phoenix, and the replacement of computers and other ministry equipment. We may have a house nailed down, but it's not guaranteed. So if you know of a house that needs some occupants during the 2016-early 2017 timeframe, in the Tempe/Chandler/Mesa area or any vehicles (big enough for a family of 6) that we can use for 1 year give us a shout! 

Support Needs
You probably know that our living and serving here in Mibu is financed entirely through the generosity of people like you who are as excited as we are about the things God is doing in Mibu. Over the last few months, we've slipped further away from what is recommended for effective ministry here. We need to make up for a $1600 a month deficit and want to put the need out to you folks. Would you prayerfully consider whether a financial partnership with us in the Mibu Ministry is something God would have for you? If you're interested, you can either contact us, or follow the link in the 'Vital Partnership' section of the right-hand column of this email to find out how to make one-time or regular tax deductible donations.

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