Friday, February 14, 2014

Seeing the Fruit

Sesi, Toowo and me were sitting on the small veranda of the rugged little office building yesterday. We'd been working on translation in the office and were taking a breather outside before getting back on task again. Sesi, enthralled as he always is about what he's learning in God's word, was reflecting on how it's affected the community here in Mibu. "Yeah, we've got problems, but looking at the big picture you can see clearly that God is working in us. Before you came and brought us God's word, the kinds of problems we busied ourselves with never bore fruit. It was a total waste. Worshipping ancestors and spirits, sorcery, and all that other stuff... we were always trying to fix problems we perceived in relation to those things. But we see it was a waste. Nothing ever came of it. God is showing us the truth through his word and we believe it and have put all those worthless things aside. Now the problems we work on have to do with relationships with each other, how to care for and manage our families, how to live the way God wants us. We see that God is working in these things and we see the fruit of it happening in us!"

Right on! This is the kind of reflection we love to hear. This is why we enjoy so much that God has us serving here in Mibu!

Thank you so very much for your continued prayers and financial support as we continue to serve in Mibu. God is using your prayers and finances in huge ways here!

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