Saturday, August 3, 2013

The Mibu Service Crew

We want you to meet this most wonderful Service Crew...

These ladies, for the last several months have been serving others in the church, specifically those who give their time and efforts to teaching and other jobs that take a lot of their time. We've noticed over the years that those who give much of their time to the church often cannot give as much time as they need to their homes and gardens and livestock.

These sweet ladies have decided to spend every Thursday rotating through different teachers' and church workers' gardens, helping to weed, plant, clear bush and other tasks pertaining to general upkeep! In a mostly subsistence economy this is a huge blessing to others in the church. Thanking God for those taking initiative based on a growing sense of what it means to be part of Christ's body in Mibu.

Their names from left to right are as follows; Biop, Noonoye with son Roman, Gosen with Wunjo's daughter and Skyler's friend Nines, Wunjo with Noonoye's son Josai, Nancy with daughter Jemima, Eni, and then her mother Eson.

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