Tuesday, December 4, 2012

Kopur Coffee Benefits Mibu Ministry


Do you enjoy great coffee? Did you know there's a way for your refined taste in coffee to benefit the Mibu Ministry!

Kopur Coffee is an online reseller of high quality, great tasting coffee. The thing that's so great about Kopur Coffee isn't just it's selection of tasty coffees from around the world, but the fact that $2.50 from each bag you buy will be donated to Mibu Ministry! It's simple. After finding your coffee of choice from places such as Papua New Guinea, Ethiopia, Honduras and Mexico, just key in 'MIBU' when checking out. It's a great chance to give more purpose to your coffee drinking! Note too that there are options to buy coffee subscriptions of various lengths.

As the founder of Kopur Coffee, Drew Scholl says on the website, "The math matters." Think about it. If 100 people purchase 2 bags of Kopur Coffee a month, that generates an additional $500 per month that benefits the ongoing efforts to transform lives in Mibu; developing mother-tongue literacy, translating God's word into their language, providing solid bible teaching, and leadership development.

Be sure to check it out! http://kopurcoffee.bigcartel.com/

Image of Grower's First Honduras - Dark Roast

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Kopi Luwak said...

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