Wednesday, August 22, 2012

The Final Tally

So here's the final tally on the recent 100x20 campaign. In 100 days we were able to find an amazing 61 of the needed one hundred $20 per month units. This means the total increase in financial giving toward Mibu Ministry gained was $1220! Thank you all so much for helping us get closer to the goal of having 100% of the needed monthly donations needed to minister most effectively to the Mibu church. Your help makes a huge difference!

And as a side note, regarding the side note :) You'll notice on the side column of each of our email updates is a little informational tidbit about where our finances are at. Please note that at the moment it is does not accurately reflect where things are at. It'll be updated the next time I have internet access. Apologies for the inconsistency!

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