Thursday, June 21, 2012

News from Sesi

Sesi called me recently and though the time we had to talk was short, he was able to pass on plenty of news about things with the church in Mibu.

Directly there in Mibu: The church continues to meet together and review lessons. People are encouraged. However there is a growing concern for those in the community who just don't seem to be 'putting their thinking so that it all goes to God'.

In the village of Ta**knan: In the past you recall arrangements were made for the teaching to start in Ta**knan again, but then an influential individual who lives there shut the whole thing down. Well your prayers for that village are being answered! The teaching has been going on there for over a month now and seems to be going well. Those doors were opened back up, God's word continues to be preached there, and that influential individual is even part of the eagerly listening group who gathers to hear. Sesi said there are only two small groups of people that are not interested.

In the village of Da**ve: The outreach by the Mibu church to Da**ve is going very well. Many people are interested and have been following along. There are just four more weeks of teaching before the initial evangelism teaching reaches the final lessons about the death and resurrection of Jesus.

Regarding the airstrip: The work continues on the airstrip. Sesi gave me some details, but the phone connection made it hard to follow them all. But I did catch that they feel they have leveled out about 60 meters (1/10) of the airstrip so far. That could mean a number of things. We'll have to wait to get there to see. But one thing that is clear is that they're owning this. Their continuation of the work despite our absence is a good sign.

Sesi also reported that two shovels that were purchased for work on the airstrip were stolen as they were being transported back to Mibu from Madang town. That's a pretty big deal because just going out to Madang again to get more is a huge ordeal and expense for somebody. We're hoping they'll be able to get by with what they have until some more funds come in to get a few more tools.

So many more details I would have liked to ask about. But then Sesi's minutes ran out and our conversation was ended.

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Theresa said...

This update is great to hear, and I am sure it was good for you to personally hear Sesi's voice after being gone for so long. So grateful for all that is happening, that God continues to be so generous. Interesting to me that we are all present in such a time as this when we can use technology in such a way.