Wednesday, January 4, 2012

Slight medical scare

You may have heard through our family that I (Geoff) was medevac'd out
of Mibu early Tuesday morning with symptoms that were consistent with
meningitis. Since all this happened so very rapidly we really only
managed to keep in contact with our family and pastor John. We know that
you may have already been informed of these details and have been
praying for me. For that I want to extend a huge thanks! What a blessing
to have such a wonderful group willing to maneuver their already busy
lives in such a way as to come together out of concern for us and to
pray! But just in case you may not have gotten the information and now
that things have settled a bit I'm wanting to update you on what happened.

Monday morning I woke up with a really bad headache that continued to
get worse through the day. Later that afternoon, the pain was much much
worse and also accompanied by fever and a stiff neck, typical signs of
meningitis. We contacted our doctor on the radio and asked what he
thought. After asking us more detailed questions he said that I needed
to get out to the clinic as soon as possible. He had Shannon give me a
number of injections and other medicines (which we were thankful to
actually have in stock in our little 'Husa Medical Cabinet'). We were
going to have to do what we could to get through the night when the
helicopter could come get me.

The next morning the helicopter flew me to Lapilo where our clinic is
located. By then I was starting to show some signs of improvement. But I
guess you don't mess with meningitis. The medical staff worked rapidly
to narrow down the possibilities. Everything continued to point to
meningitis. A spinal tap sealed the deal, showing that it was a viral
meningitis (rather than the much more dangerous bacterial meningitis).
That's what we really needed to rule out was the bacterial kind. So,
though I've still got a few more days of discomfort left, things are
looking like they'll continue to improve on their own and there's no
significant danger. Whew!

We're always amazed to see how things can come together during scary
moments like these with logistics and the skills necessary to discern
what's going on and people praying... even though we weren't able to
keep up with our normal means of communicating with you! We see this
fine tuned machine all come together and make it happen and you can just
see that God has all the right people in the right places! Awesome. Body

At this point, Shannon and the girls are super thankful to have the
Osborns with them in Mibu (don't know how we'd do it without you,
Osborns!) and they're looking forward to my return hopefully in the next
3 or 4 days. For now, the doc wants to see things continuing to get
better and make sure we're in the clear. I'm still getting frequent
headaches through the day, but overall they seem to be getting better
and better; it kind of cycles though.

Thank you for keeping us in your prayers during this! You can especially
pray for Shannon, the pregnant mom, taking care of 3 energetic little girls!

Geoff for the Husas

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