Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Full Circle

We just finished up our two weeks of down time in Madang. It was a great time as a family to rest and recharge for ministry in Mibu.

Our co-workers, the Tartaglias, returned for several weeks of service in Mibu too! It was great seeing them after many months. They've already returned to Mibu and we are now in Lapilo (Goroka) awaiting the next time our helicopter is available to take us in (which happens to be tomorrow, the 22nd).

We had a great semi-last minute opportunity arise giving Geoff the chance to teach about bible translation at the Interface program currently going on. Then both of us had some time to talk to the students about what life in the bush is like. What was so cool about this is that it's one of those full-circle kind of experiences. Many of you probably remember the very first time, back in 2000, that Shannon and I came to Papua New Guinea. It was for the Interface program. As a result of doing this six week program, where we lived in huts, spent time learning some of the trade language, attending many classes about tribal missionary service, and hanging out with the local folks, we realized that Papua New Guinea was definitely the place to come serve. Prior to the program, Geoff was gung-ho and ignorant. Shannon was not so sure. But through the interface program we were able to gain a realistic idea of what tribal ministry might look like. And more importantly we saw how God amazingly provided and sustained so many others who were trusting him in their service in so many remote places. After we did Interface, both of us were on the same page regarding where to step next. God really used Interface to give us strong direction in our desire to serve.

So it was really cool for us to be there 11 years later, helping to challenge and encourage a new group of students. Who knows, maybe some of them will become bible translators and church planters some day!

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