Sunday, February 13, 2011

Break... Upcoming Translation Check

***Welcome to the new look of the Mibu Ministry updates! This new format allows us to deliver our updates for free while also giving them a fresh look.***

We've spent the last week and a half out in town for our first break since returning to the field. It's been a great time of rest and relaxation with the family. It's so much fun to come out and take the girls swimming and go out on the boats and in to town to find ways to spend their allowance! Breaks like these are also our time to catch up with things on the internet; catching up with family and friends, software updates for our computers, and revising our plan for getting updates out to you!

Recently we've been working on plans to have a consultant check what we have translated so far in Romans. The check is now scheduled for March 31 and April 1. The plan is to have him check Romans chapters 6,7,8 and 12. This is a big milestone marker in the overall translation process. They've been difficult and challenging, stretching me way beyond my skill level and that of my translation helpers.

So far, chapters 6 and 7 are nearly done, chapter 8 is nearing completion, and chapter 12 is just in its beginnings. Chapter 8 has my head reeling! We've still got a LOT of work cut out for us in order to get things ready in time for the consultant. So we would appreciate your prayers. We depend on God's help daily for this translation to happen; for drive and motivation and wisdom to maintain high level of accuracy, for all the needed helpers from Mibu to be consistently available as planned, for much needed focus hour by hour, day by day, week by week. And most of all, for me to have the discipline and care needed so as to not drive my family nuts by letting work keep me from being available to serve them as my first and most primary ministry :)

Thank you all for your many prayers and gifts that support us as we serve in Mibu!

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