Sunday, December 21, 2008

Geoff's parents visit

I guess we've been remiss in our writing lately. Sorry about that.
Things have been moving along as normal here, except we just had some special visitors in from the states; my (Geoff's) parents. We met them out in town on December 5th and then flew back into Mibu on the 8th. Then, sadly, they departed again just 2 days ago. We had a great time with them and celebrated my mom's birthday and then had an early Christmas celebration together. It was a wonderful time of building memories for the girls and catching up as a family. Having them here was very refreshing and it saddened us to feel the time go by so so quickly.
My parents both helped us out with a lot of projects around the house that have been neglected for so long. It was good to see some of that stuff done. I got to work with my dad making a much needed wardrobe to put the girls' clothes in, a project Shannon and I have talked about doing for a year now. He cut and installed a bunch of trim to finish that final touch on our house (yep, we started that project over 4 years ago!). My mom and Shannon re-painted the girls' room to be more befitting of the growing girlishness of it's two occupants. Our old, sun-faded drapes in over the windows in the family room were replaced with some newer fabric and done in a different style. And there were many other small projects that were done as well. Almost like coming home to a new house!
Over to the ministry side of things: Some of my earliest parts of Romans are ready for comprehension checking. That took forever, what with the difficulty of it and the many other things that vie for our time lately. I'm very anxious about testing this text, because I have so many uncertainties about it. I'm not sure if it's going to flop or fly. We'll see on Tuesday when I'm scheduled to check it out for the first time with Roifo.
The Titirapok outreach is still going strong. Apparently they're about half-way through the evangelism lessons right now and the reports are all still very good. I've been told that this week or next a bunch of people will be coming from there so I might finally get the chance to meet some of these people. Apparently, they, along with a bunch of people from other places are coming to Mibu for a week or so in order to welcome back someone from Mibu who has just graduated from college and is returning for a bit before going off into the world of professional work. So it could be a busy week as far as the social side of things here.
Thanks for your patience in waiting so long between updates!

Geoff and Shannon Husa

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