Monday, March 21, 2022

AZ peeps - your taxes can help!

To all our Arizona friends... Who's still working on their taxes? Would you consider participating in this Arizona tax credit program to help our two oldest daughters attend Valley Christian High School next year? It's a tax credit, so it doesn't cost you a dime! Your gift now can still be credited to your 2021 taxes! Here's a link to help answer any questions. Currently we're set up through ACSTO. Or hit us up on messenger if you have any other questions!

You can designate both girls with just a single donation using this link.

Tuesday, February 15, 2022

Latest update on the situation in Mibu...

Sesi and Joseph were able to get a helicopter back into Mibu. After many weeks away from their families and community, they were very eager to return even while having some concerns about
 their own safety. We're concerned about Sesi specifically being a target. He was already a target which is what resulted in him being injured and then medivacked. His recovery still isn't 100% and so he has some limitations he's still experiencing. Regarding the risk he's under Sesi has said, "If God wants to take me to heaven, I'm OK with that. And if God has more work for me to do here I'm OK with that." His quiet confidence in his Savior is both convicting and encouraging.
Two police officers have joined them from Madang and are staying in Mibu. We're thankful for the extra protection they bring for the moment. Their main intention is to gather more official reports about all the havoc this gang has caused. They've met with leaders from all the major places of attack and have taken reports of the many atrocities committed by this gang, including theft, abduction, rape, murder, arson and more. There is uncertainty about what plans come next, but it sounds like more police may be gearing up to come in and facilitate whatever measures are needed to rid the area of the gang.
Even in the midst of all this, God's church continues to grow! One recent outreach resulted in about 80 more people placing their faith in the work of Jesus on the cross! God is at work in other areas too. We found out that the family of the young gang member who was executed by police will NOT be seeking retribution as is the cultural norm, but rather have expressed their belief that the young man was clearly at fault and had it coming to him.
Many leaders from different areas have been in or are currently in Mibu, and if the church in Mibu is doing what they already have a pattern of doing, they're seeing this as an opportunity to shed the light of the gospel. It's more and more evident that the activities of this gang come from a cult belief rooted in a completely misguided understanding of a single story they've read in a hard-to-understand trade language Bible. This highlights the need for the gospel message to be brought to these other areas around Mibu. Indeed this very area has been asking for the Mibu church to bring the gospel, but because translation and literacy support needed for that effort we've been unable to find needed team members to partner with the Mibu church. So they continue to live and operate in darkness.
- For Sesi's recovery and his and Joseph's return to Mibu and their families
- For the positive response of the executed gang member's family
- That the police maintain a presence in Mibu
- That plans to resolve the issue with the gang do continue to develop, though they may seem slow
- For the current plans of getting more police out there, and for an effective strategic response to the gang
- For further recovery for Sesi and safety for him and his family as well as others
- For the power of the gospel message to continue to spread and change people's lives

Sunday, August 22, 2021

What are the Husa's doing?

We've been getting asked a lot lately if we're back from Papua New Guinea permanently. We just want to clarify for all who may be wondering the same that the plan is to be here for a yearlong furlough before returning to PNG. That's the 'plan'. But this time we're holding that plan with a little less certainty. The uncertainty is not about whether or not to continue with our ministry to the Mibu people. Indeed there's still lots of bible translation work and lesson development work left, as well as consulting with and encouraging leaders in the church in Mibu. The uncertainty is regarding housing when we return. Since we moved out of Mibu 3 years ago we've had to move so many times. It's been difficult to find housing to fit our family and ministry needs. We're at a good place in ministry where, if circumstances necessitate, we could carry on much of the work from more of a distance, talking over the internet. So back to our plans. We're planning on returning. However, as the time approaches and we start getting a feel for what housing is available (or not) then we are in a place where we could consider staying on and continuing ministry from here in the States, in AZ, where I would make regular trips back and forth to PNG each year. We're certainly looking for some clarity from the Lord in this, and would appreciate all your prayers for the same.

We did recently purchase a house. It's been clear the last few years that it's time. We bought a house needing some renovations and we're now pretty much at a point with it here where we're looking forward to being able to spend more time with our friends and churches! Up till now, the house renovations have just taken everything we had to get done!

Thank you all for your prayers and continued support! Looking forward to catching up this year!

Please be sure to be in touch! Our numbers are below if you'd like to catch up some time!

Geoff (480) four-zero-nine 3192
Shannon (480) two-seven-four 3213

Sunday, February 21, 2021

Mibu Airstrip Project

The remote Mibu people of Papua New Guinea have been working on their airstrip for well over 20 years! Literally moving mountains by hand! Their airstrip was eventuallly approved, but due to an area of soft subsoil the first plane that landed experienced a devastating prop strike. The materials needed to correct this problem on their airstrip are far beyond the local community's ability to pay for. We're asking for help from all who might be led to give toward this need so their airstrip can finally be opened. Any amount helps! Gifts are tax deductible. Be sure to follow the link below. Check out the video there too!

If you're on social media, be sure to help our posts about the Mibu Airstrip Project get more traction by liking, commenting, and sharing!

Tuesday, November 3, 2020

In Lieu of Garage Sale/Bluegrass Fundraisers

Hello everyone! As you well know the covid pandemic has made many normal activities difficult or impossible. You probably noticed the wildly fun and successful Mibu Ministry garage sale and bluegrass gospel concert fundraisers that our core team put on haven't happened this year. Many have come to look forward to these each time. We were recently blessed to hear that despite not being able to do either this go around, our awesome core team has decided to take it virtual and put together a gofundme fundraiser in lieu of both. Here's the link to the page they created!

Whether you've been a part of the annual events, or you're just hearing about them for the first time, take a look at the page they've set up in their stead! Consider whether you'd like to participate in this year's big fundraiser, and then help spread the word… share the link from the gofundme page via email and on facebook.

We appreciate all of you, and your huge part in Mibu Ministry all these years! Thank you for your partnership!

Thursday, October 15, 2020

Move complete... Moving forward!

Greetings from Papua New Guinea! We thought it would be a good time to check in and catch you up to date on the latest with the Mibu Ministry!

If you recall from our last update we were getting ready to move again. That move is now complete, and we're mostly settled in to our new place for the next 7 months. We're so thankful to be here, if even for just a short period. Since we moved into a place that already is furnished, we decided it was a good time to simplify our lives a bit and sell off a bunch of our furniture so we don't have to store and deal with quite so much when we come home on furlough this next year. We also packed up quite a bit of our own personal belongings (the ones we aren't selling yet) as if we're going on furlough now, so that we don't have to do it again later when we do get ready to go.
School was originally slated to start up again in September here, but due to all the cancelled flights because of covid, the school staff just hasn't been able to get back. So the next date they're going to try to start is in Jan some time. Till then Shannon continues to homeschool all four kids, and has even volunteered to help a local neighbor with one of their kids who is in Abby's grade. So five kids altogether! Shannon is a rockstar, people! The kids' school is all laid out on a computer program that they follow. Definitely different than what they're used to!
Speaking of school. Next year when we're home, we're planning on putting at least one of the kids in a Christian school (hoping we can get in at Valley Christian). Arizona has a wonderful tax credit program called ACSTO where families can get a tax credit (not a deduction, but full tax credit) for giving toward a child's education in a private school. We'll be putting some more information out as the time gets nearer, but we'd appreciate anyone willing to consider giving toward this next year of education for our oldest at Valley.

And speaking of coming home, Shannon and I have been enjoying getting a head start on shopping for a house for our time home, and have even found ourselves fascinated by the world of real estate investing. We've been learning a lot in our evenings particularly in the realm of creative financing and rentals since we'd like to be able to rent this place out as an investment when we're away.
Other than about a month long interruption for moving, the translation project continues along nicely. I've managed to draft up to ch 20 in Revelation! Getting so so close to the finish of that book! I should be working with my translation helper at this point, but all our communication with Mibu has been cut off because of an issue with the power out there. We've been unable to get out there to fix it yet, so it's been about a month without much communication at all. The latest has us hoping that either Chris or myself can get out there in November to fix that and get the system up and running again. It just highlights again how many cogs in the machine all have to be working in order to get our work done! So while I can't work with my translation helper at the moment, I continue to draft ahead. I hope to maybe finish drafting the book before I work with him again, maybe toward the end of the year.

The little bit of communication we have had has been all positive reports of how the church is doing. We've heard some little tidbits that sound like there may be some rising persecution in a couple of the outreach areas, but we haven't been able to determine for sure. But overall the church remains strong, people continue to meet and encourage one another in the Lord and to move forward in hope! This is such good news to us to hear even just little tidbits from leaders who remain encouraged in their service! Yes!

Thank you all for your continued prayers and regular monthly support! Your partnership means so much to us! We're so humbled to have you all a part of the team! For those who may not have had an opportunity yet, you can follow this link which will give several tax deductible options for how to give.

Tuesday, August 4, 2020

March Onward

Someone recently asked me for info about our blog. I had to ashamedly ask myself… "When was the last time you posted anything on your blog, you doofus?!" March! March is the last time I posted anything to our blog! For those who follow us exclusively via email or via our blog here, our apologies. Even more so since with all the events of the world and back home in the US, March seems more like forever ago! So much has happened! So let me catch you up on what's been going on here with us and with the church in Mibu in Papua New Guinea!
You may recall we had a wonderful opportunity to go into Mibu as a family back in March, right when all the covid stuff was starting to explode in the news.
I've said it quite a few times, and I'm sure you can recall at least once, but often when I'm making trips into Mibu I have a mountain of translation tasks to get done in there that I can't do from out in town. Well I've been experimenting with and training some of my helpers to do more and more of these tasks over video conferencing! It's been going surprisingly well so far!

Just a few weeks ago our family was able to make it into Mibu again. It might be our last time in there as a family before we head back to AZ for furlough next year! I was so encouraged and proud of the leaders in Mibu, just to see how they continue to do, their faithfulness and their zeal for the Lord and for his work in their own lives and in the community! I'm also really happy to report that after I did a bit more training with a handful of people on the video conferencing thing, I ran out of any more of the translation work that needed to wait till I was in there to do! No more backlog and trying to catch up with all those comprehension checks! We've been able to do the whole process over video now! Not that there wasn't anything to do for the remainder of our time. No ma'am! Plenty of other little tasks that I can just pick up and do wherever I am. So those are how I finished my time there.

Have I ever told you that after we do all that work translating into the Mibu language, we get to translate it BACK TO ENGLISH. Yeah… not my favorite task, but essential none the less, so I tend to save that for filler work, to break things up.
The kids all enjoyed their time in the tribe again. Skyler was able to bring a friend from town too! It was her friend's first time in the bush and was quite the experience for her!
After we flew out as a family, and were back in town for only a week, Skyler and I WENT BACK into Mibu for another week. We joined a team from Finisterre Vision who wanted to meet with the church leaders and talk strategy regarding some upcoming surveys that they're planning, and just to talk about other areas of ministry potential. Skyler came along to help serve the parents by caring for their kids and freeing them up to have meetings and to get out and be with people. She was such a blessing (proud daddy!). For one of the families it was their very first time in a remote bush location. It was just good all around for them to be able to meet with and hear the heart of the Mibu church and its leaders. Once again I was really just blown away to sit and listen to the leaders talk about strategy and vision for taking God's word to the people around them. They're so well thought out and are so good at communicating their vision! Just so cool to see!
Since coming back out I've continued working on Revelation, the everlasting translation project! No really I love it, but this one has just taken so long. I'm seeing the end here soon as I've just rounded the corner into chapter 18! I'm so pleased with how well the translation communicates. The people I've checked with are able to follow it well and are encouraged by its messaging! I can't wait to put lessons together for it and teach it!

One thing that's been big on our minds lately is regarding our upcoming furlough next year. Yup… already! It might seem a bit early to be thinking about that, but there is a lot that goes into planning for that year home. We need to figure out housing, cars, school for the kids… that's a biggie… where are we going to send them??? We're slowly getting a handle on some of those logistics. School is still a bit of a mystery, especially if we need to apply for the ACSTO tax credit program far ahead of time. Whew!

One really big thing that we're moving toward is finally buying a house this time. We've hemmed and hawed about it over the years, never feeling right about pulling the trigger. This time, we're ready! Well mostly. We're still trying to save like mad to be able to pay for it, as well as a van and maybe a small car, and some medical stuff we're going to need to do. But yeah, we're committing ourselves to buying a house this time! Let's do this! With the age of our kids and just where we're at in life, it's clearly time!

Speaking of housing here, we're actually planning on… gulp… moving again here back to the main center where we can be closer to the school and the help that's needed with school. We actually really really really don't relish the thought of packing up and moving again here, but we're compelled just because of what it means for the kids' success in school and also for the reduction of other non-work interruptions that our current location imposes. So we're thankful to have a house available there the last 9 months or so before we come home on furlough.

Oh and school is scheduled to start up again September 15th! So very grateful that it seems we're able to get all the right people in place to start the school year up, even if a bit late!

I think that catches you up on the latest with us and with the church in Mibu!

Once again we just want to express our gratitude for all of you who pray and who give to this ministry. We could not do it without you, and we appreciate your partnership! We're so humbled to have you all a part of the team! For those who may not have had an opportunity yet, you can follow this link which will give several tax deductible options for how to give.